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Understanding Salsa Music - Dancer's Perspective 23.11.2013

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> Pre-registration and up to date information on the FB event:

"In music the passions enjoy themselves."
- Friedrich Nietzsche

At HSA, we happen to believe that this is especially true in passionate polyrhythmic salsa music Wink
Pre-register here: ... c213c3e86/
Learn to understand salsa music better from a dancer's perspective. The goal of this 3hr workshop (salsa musicality) is to help you advance as salsa dancer by improving your understanding and connection to the music.

Recommended for all levels of salsa dancers from absolute beginners to advanced dancers to performers and competitors. The workshop will be part theory and part exercises with dance applications.

Instructor: Mikko Kemppe
Date: Saturday, 23.11.
Time: 13.00 - 16.00
(with 10 minute break in the middle)

*Brief history of salsa
*How to find the 1st (or any) beat in the music?
*Recognizing & internalizing key instruments & rhythms
*Song structure, tempo, and energy in music
*Expanding your musical awareness and understanding
*Interpreting accents and breaks
*Advanced tips on musicality:
- how to develop your musical intuition?
- breaking all of the rules
- how to interpret the deeper layers?
- paradoxical musicality concept
- timba vs. salsa vs. latin jazz
- emotional vs. rational listening

30e when pre-registered by November 20th
40e from the door if tickets available

Pre-register here: ... c213c3e86/
Here is what we discovered just some of the particapants had said after our previous musicality workshop:

"Jopa parilla peruskuviolla saa aikaan näyttävää ja monipuolista tanssia jos osaa tulkita musiikkia ja käyttää vartaloaan. Oli varmasti paras salsatunti ikinä" - J. H.

"Thank you for the wonderful workshop. Though a beginner, enjoyed from the beginning until the very end. Wooww!" - R.C.

"It was very enlightening. Thank you for these 3 hours of constantly learning something new while having fun!" - A.F.

"Thanks for the fun and info-packed workshop" - K.H.
Note: by coming you understand that we might take picture and/or video tape for marketing purposes. No refunds.


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