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Kizomba, Semba & N.Y Style on 2 @ Turku

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> Nemanja Sonero is coming to visit on Saturday 11.5.2013 in Turku. Come to enjoy this amazing day with us and learn all the secrets of kizomba, semba and N.Y Style Salsa on 2.


12.00-14.30 Kizomba and Semba, all level
Body movements, technique, partner work

15.00-17.30 New York Style Salsa on2
Beginners basic technique and musicality, partner work, men and ladies styling.


2,5h: 35eur /person OR 60eur /couple
5eur discount for Marco's students.

5h: 60eur/person OR 90eur /couple
5eur discount for Marco students.


Location: Manilla Studio, Itäinen Rantakatu 64, Turku

What is Kizomba? - Kizomba is a sensual dance and has similarities with Argentine tango, Merengue and Bachata. It's also called the African Tango. Kizomba is originally from Angola and means 'party' in Angolan language. Kizomba has been existing for over twelve years. In a lot of European countries Kizomba is immensely popular.

Nemanja Sonero is one of the most versatile and famous dancers from South East Europe. Since he was a kid, he studied classical as well as contemporary ballet,
afro-brasilian and afro-cuban folk dance, hip hop, tango, etc.

For years Sonero has been performing and promoting Afro Latin dancing and music in his country Serbia and all over EU by teaching and DJ-ing in Salsa Congresses and Festivals, as well as organizing them, and now he also dedicated him self to choreographing in theatre with contemporary and traditional atin dance, on television, TV commercials, music videos, music and dance festivals...

Nemanja is also very unique in the Salsa world because he is the only non-Cuban that teaches Afro Cuban Folklore Dances: Orisha, Palo, Rumba, and many more, as well the NY style on2 and on1, kizomba, semba, tarraxa, dominican bachata, etc... At the same time he is every social dancers dream DJ with his amazing collection of old school Salsa Dura, and his dedication to all the fans on the dance floor.

From NY to Puerto Rico and the roots of Cuba to the modern Timba, when you are in his class or the dance floor, you will definitely feel the love for the dance and the music that he enjoys sharing with everyone.

"Salsa is not just a dance, it is a culture! Learning the language, the history, the music, the dance for me it is a way of life"


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