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HSA Workshops - Learn to Cha Cha!

Lähetetty:Ti 05.03.2013 - 15:18 Vastaa lainaamalla viestiä Takaisin alkuun

> Would you like to learn to dance Cha Cha or just deepen your knowledge? HSA offers you a great chance to learn Cha Cha when the new cycle starts in March! There's two courses available: one concentrating on the technical aspect of ballroom chacha and the other one is chacha as a social dance. The best way to do this is to take both the technical and the social courses, but it's of course ok to do just one of them :)

The teacher on the technique course is the principal female instructor of HSA, a ballroom champion and a salsa extraordinaire Nina Solovyeva. And on the social chacha course the teacher is the wonderful Susa Matson from the Finnish Dancing With The Stars.

More information on the technique training:
In finnish:
Register here: ... 4f80be655/

More information on the social training: ... tinsocial/
In finnish: ... litanssit/
Register here: ... 3d5eae221/

The courses are starting soon, the technique course on 20.3. and the social course on 7.3., so register asap :)


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> Susa Matson's chacha classes start today! Welcome :)
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