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Salsa bootcamp spot available for a salsera

Lähetetty:La 05.01.2013 - 22:44 Vastaa lainaamalla viestiä Takaisin alkuun

> Contents of the short bootcamp is 4 private practice sessions (each 1h or 2h, taking into account also your schedules), about once a week, during a spring month as fits to your schedule. This is an invitation to join for the 4 sessions in a good quality dance ballroom, for a salsera interested in her own development as a dancer. I have practiced Casino for 10 years and during the last 5 years also LA Style. For you there are no specific requirements but you have danced some time salsa already so that you can easily learn new choreos. To fit the time tables easily together, you optimally live in the Greater Helsinki area.

The LA Style salsa training material for the bootcamp is already bought from one of the three LA Style developer brothers (Luis Vazquez). If you would rather dance Casino (Cuban Style), that is perfectly fine. I have acquired casino choreo material too, as an alternative. If you want to have extra bootcamp flavor, an introduction session to the well-researched U.S.M.C. indoor physical training method of marine corps - excluding the obstacle courses, underwater training, endurance etc. training - by a former marine corps physical trainer i.e. yours truly, is available in conjunction, too :)

After the 4 sessions, there will still be one more (5th) session to which a good hired salsa coach will come and check how we perform the choreos and give the some fine tuning hints, and then teach something else in an extra session.

If wanting to register for the salsa bootcamp, or to ask some question, please send a private message via my Facebook name (here in inverted letter order): molböjS iaK . Only if you do not have a Facebook account, send a private message using my name (=Kai), but I typically check my mailbox more seldomly.

One optional further bonus session: If I get a registration by Sunday, I can invite the bootcamper to an extra (6th) training session for which I have already reserved for the next Monday 2013-01-07. There the private coach is a 9 (or 24 if counted differently) time world champion.

The whole salsa bootcamp is free for you.


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