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HSA Christmas Salsa Workshop 28.12.

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Social Salsa Workshop with Nina Solovyeva & Mikko Kemppe

HSA Social Salsa Workshop with the HSA principal Salsa instructors
Nina Solovyeva (St. Petersburg) and Mikko Kemppe.

This workshop is a 3hr workshop designed to
challenge your social dance skills to a new level (see more detailed description of the workshop below).

The workshop will cover:

*Basics of Pachanga (Beginner/Advanced)
*Basics of Salsa/Mambo (Difference between dancing On1 and On2 covered)
*Short salsa shines (Beginner/Advanced)
*Ladies & Men's styling & technique
*Social dance partnerwork (Beginner/Advanced)
*Salsa Musicality (Interpreting Accents/Breaks/Clave Switch/Mood)
*Choreography (Beginner & Advanced)

Pre-register for the workshop: 20e
(Includes the entire 3hrs of instruction & the party.)
Cost at the door: 30e
Party only: 5e

Pre-Register for the workshop here: ... df0efb9b3/

This workshop is recommended for both beginner & more advanced dancers (see more detailed description below)


The workshop is designed to be taken in two ways:
19:00 - For absolute & advanced beginner dancers
20:30 - Intermediate & advanced dancers

For Beginners (absolute and advanced beginners) we recommend you to join the workshop
from the beginning at 19:00. In the first hour (19 - 20) We will cover the basic salsa (and Mambo On2 and the difference) and pachanga steps to give you solid basic understanding for social salsa/mambo dancing. No experience is needed to begin at 19.00.

At 19:30 we will begin a short fun social dance choreography that will include the steps you have learned, along with basic partnering patterns, that will include ideas about salsa musicality and social dancing ideas and concepts.

At 20:30 we will review and practice everything you have learned.

For Intermediate to advanced dancers we recommend you to join our workshop at either 20.00 or 20:30. At this time we will quickly review and rehearse the choreographies we have learned so far and proceed to add more advanced concepts to it.

At 21:00 - 22:00 we will proceed to more intermediate to advanced social dance ideas and proceed with the social dance choreography to include more advanced social dance ideas, concepts, and musicality. For advanced (and absolute) beginner dancers we recommend you to continue to challenge yourself and continue the workshop at 21:00 with the more advanced dancers to learn more challenging social dance and musicality ideas and concepts.

At 22:00 be ready to party with our Dj!

At 23:00 - Show Time

*Nina Solovyeva & Mikko Kemppe (Unofficial practice debut show)


19.00 - Beginners (Absolute & advanced beginners)
19.30 - Beginner social dance choreography and musicality
20.00 - Advanced beginner social dance choreography
20.30 - Beginner social dance choreography review and practice
21.00 - Intermediate/advanced social dance choreography and musicality
21.45 - Review and practice
22.00 - Party time with Dj Marino
23.00 - Show time
02:30 - One last dances


Lähetetty:To 27.12.2012 - 00:57 Vastaa lainaamalla viestiä Takaisin alkuun
> This will happen this Friday! Come get your salsa fix after christmas break and get a little workout to compensate for all the christmas food you ate during the holidays :)

Please, preregister here: ... df0efb9b3/

And don't forget the grand opening party of your newly renovated studio right after the workshop! The party is included in the workshop fee!
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