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ALDS with Argentine Tango staring Arto Ahokas. on Fri 5.10

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> Newsletters and Alppila are back! There are some changes:

- Note! Classes at Alppila start at 6:30 p.m.

Weekly Alppila Latin Dance Social on Fridays at 6-9 p.m.

Argentine tango lesson between 6:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m

Let's get an introduction to Argentine Tango! In comparison to cbs salsa Argentine tango is danced in a closer contact. Each and every dance step can be lead separately making the couple dance together all the time and both partners have their strong positions. As hobby tango is a versatile choice as it can started with even very little skill, but it can be developed also into a very acrobatic style.

The Alppila Argentine tango lesson will include both dance technique as well as a nice couple pattern allowing the participants to get a feeling of what Argentine Tango is like. The class is suitable for both those completely new to the dance, but also to those with approx. 2 years of Argentine tango experience. During the class the music will cover most of the major tango styles including also Tango Nuevo.

ARTO LESKINEN is an experienced teacher and an active social dancer. He has more than 15-year background as a teacher of Argentine tango in Helsinki. Stylistically, Arto likes to teach social dancing rather than show style tango. In addition to tango he actively dances also many other dances such as salsa, both in Cuban and CBS-style, Finnish social dancing (lavatanssit) and boogie woogie, lindy hop etc. If your interest towards Argentine Tango woke up here you can find the regular Argentine tango classes in Helsinki (in Finnish) Feel free to also contact Arto directly

on kokenut ja aktiivinen opettaja ja sosiaalitanssija. Hänellä on yli 15-vuoden tausta argentiinalaisen tangon opettajana Helsingissä. Tyylillisesti Arto tykkää opettaa enemmän sosiaalitanssia ei niinkään showtyyliä. Hän opettaa mm. Tanssiklubi Starissa. Tangon lisäksi Arto tanssii aktiivisesti myös monia muitakin tansseja, kuten salsaa, sekä kuubalaista että cbs-tyyliä, lavatansseja ja jenkkitansseja. Jos kiinnostus tangoon herää Arton säännölliset tangotunnit löydät tämän sivun kautta Tunneista voi tiedustella myös suoraan

Alppila is a volunteer run social dance event that is meant as a relaxing way to start the weekend. There is always a bi-lingual (Finnish and English) pair dancing class in each event starting from 6:30 p.m and lasting one hour. The class is either beginner or intermediate level Cross-Body-Style Salsa. From time to time the event caters a beginner class in Zouk, Kizomba, Bachata, Forró, Argentine Tango or other latin dance in which case that class replaces the CBS salsa class of that weeks event. Please arrive at the class at 6:20 p.m. sharp. Warm up music already at 6:00 p.m. The classes are taught by both resident and visiting dance instructors. The event also gives an opportunity for the more advanced dancers to practice to become dance instructors. During the classes partners will rotate. You do not need a partner of your own.

Salsa music from all corners of the world is played from 6:00-6:30 and 7:30-21:00 p.m. for social dancing. Also the music style of the days program is played during the social. You can join in just for social dancing too! The excellent wooden dance floor of the Alppila high school is provided by Tanssiklubi Star.

A membership of either Salsa Borealis - Sabor , (12 € per year starting on May1st) or Tanssiklubi Star, (50 € per the calendar year 2012 this payment includes also other benefits) is required. Payment in the event (with even sum, please) or instructions for payment transfer with bank account is given.


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