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Zouk & Sambaa Festival in Helsinki 1-3.7

Lähetetty:La 11.06.2011 - 04:17 Vastaa lainaamalla viestiä Takaisin alkuun

> Hi all!!!

1-3.7 we have the Second Zouk (&samba) Festival in in Helsinki.
And, it's not too late to join us!!
Even if you're a total beginner you'll have still 2 opportunities to achieve a required level so that you can participate in the Festival.
13.6 and 22.6 there'll be a either a 3 hours workshop in a small group from total beginner to intermediate,
or a 1 hour private lesson (=you+ a girl, if you're a guy) which does the same.
Please, contact me(Markus Sankari) as soon as possible if you're interested!!

Additionally, people who participate in the Festival have these benefits:

27.6: 3 hours workshop by Markus. In the workshop we'll go throug:
(all) Steps,
(all) bodymovements,
in Zouk.
Price = 10e, otherwise 25e

musicality and zouk workshop by Markus(1h)
- We'll study the rhythm and melody of 3-4 songs
and search for figures and movements suitable
for each song's each phase.
zoukbic+sosical dancing(1h)
=5e otherwise 10e (the whole 2 hours).
(Only zoukbic + social dancing = 2e for all)

So, if you pay now, you'll get 16 bours of lessons with only 100e, or 85e the festival only (12 hours of lessons), or 125e 19 hours when taking the beginner classes too !!
It's really hard to find find a better price in a latin dance Festival!!!

And, of course zouk socials (which also include some guidance how to dance) 14.6, 21.6, and 28.6 are are free for everybody.
Additionally, 21.6 there'll be free tutoring how to dance "foksi" and "valssi" in zouk style!!


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> Here's a summary what's happening in Helsinki Zouk during the next 3.5 weeks. There's a lot of activities!!!
(The cheaper prices are for those who participate in the Festival.)
Week 1:
13.6 : There'll be a zouk workshop for all beginners who would like to learn this dance: 25e.
14.6 : PuistoZouk + stealing lessons (0e ???)
15.6 : zouk flash mob (0e ???)
16-20.6: 13 Finnish zouk dancers go to Uppsala to drink all their beer, and to steal their women and men !!

Week 2:
21.6 : PuistoZouk + guidance how to dance foksi and valssi in a zouk way(0e ???).
22.6 : Zouk dancers go to lavatanssit (Pavi)!
: Also, there'll be a zouk workshop for all beginners who would like to learn zouk 25e.

Week 3:
27.6 : 3 hour zouk workshop by Markus (10e/25e)
28.6 : PuistoZouk (0e ???)
29.6 : Zouk musicality workshop + zoukbic + social dancing (10e/5e)

1-3.7 : Zouk&Samba Festival with Freddy and Andressa!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Take a look at how they dance ZOUK:

And here's a bit samba gafieira too:

You'll find more information from our facebook group:

And, of course, I'll be happy to answer to any question you might have!!!

Ja Suomeksi voi toki myös kysyä!!

Lähetetty:Ti 21.06.2011 - 12:27 Vastaa lainaamalla viestiä Takaisin alkuun
> Torstaihin saakka halvemmat hinnat.
Pelkkä samba gafieira lippu 40e/4h!!
Kaikki 12 tuntia: vain 85e.

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