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Time to moralize again...

Lähetetty:Pe 04.03.2011 - 11:19 Vastaa lainaamalla viestiä Takaisin alkuun

> I was pretty surprised to hear about an incident from last Saturday: people had been drinking their own red wine at the salsa party at Ratakivi. Last time I was at a Kaisaniemi salsa party, two latin guys were drinking their own rum at the mens’ room. And some people even have their own water bottles at the parties. What’s going on with (fortunately only some of) you guys?!? Can’t you figure out the simple equation: no drinking at bar > no revenue > no parties. Problems > no parties.

There are not many restaurants that provide venues for dance parties with reasonable costs as also the restaurants know that dancers don’t drink much. If we piss off those few restaurants by e.g. drinking our own drinks, there are two options: 1. No more parties. 2. Organizers need to go through a lot of extra trouble and costs to make sure there are no further problems, as in this case. Ratakivi has been a great place to organize parties, things have been easy and we’ve been able to trust that the belongings are safe and the people know how to behave, and also you’ve been able to save when there is no fee for cloak room etc. As consequence of last Saturday, some people abusing that freedom to save few euros, the restaurant is now demanding the organizers to organize a monitored cloak room. Meaning one more person handling the cloak room and extra costs. If that’s the case, I’m not ready to organize a single party there in the future. And if the problems still continue together with slow business at bar, there’s a risk of being totally banned from the restaurant. No more parties - is that what you want?

If you can’t afford to buy the wine from the bar, then stay home and get drunk cheap and let the others have the parties. Knowing that there are always some idiots around, the only option is to use peer pressure. If you see someone drinking their own drinks, let the organizers or the bar know, and we’ll kick those persons out of the parties who deserve it, instead of all of us being kicked out of the restaurant or paying extra costs. And buy a couple of drinks from the bar also to ensure the events are worthwhile also for the restaurant, win-win is the only way we can have parties also in the future.


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