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Fresca presents: Café De La Música 19.3. Sat

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> Fresca presents: Café De La Música
- Classic Salsa, Timba & Bachata -

Welcome to one of the biggest salsa parties in Helsinki this season! Each party we have had more than 300 dancers from all over the Finland to celebrate fresh latin fiestas!
Enjoy quality dance classes, great performances and freshest salsa music in dance venue center of Helsinki.
Place: Kulttuuriareena Gloria (pieniroobetinkatu 12)
Price: 12e (includes dance class, saturday salsa party & sunday salsa matiné.)

19.3. saturday
Café De La Música Grand Fiesta

21.00-22.00 Stadin Suurin salsa-tunti.
Open level Salsa class by Johanna Haapanen (European champion of Cuban salsa in 2010). Beginners and advanced dancers, all welcome. This is for fun!

The Big Salsa Party
22.00-00.00 One of most loved salsa Dj:s, Dj Lucho is providing us with best classic salsa and CBS tunes.
00.00 Dance perfomances by Minna Korpimies (Chicas Del Clan), Hanna-Maija & Antopio (La Nieve Fresca), Rorie "Firediblackz" White (Swe) and more great shows wait to confirm!
00.00-03.00 Dj Ville (La Nieve Fresca) brings us newest Cuban salsa, freshest Timba songs and most romantic Bachata classics.

20.3. sunday
Salsa chillout Matiné @ Sörnäinen (Aleksis kiven katu 32)
16.00-17.00 Rueda, Free salsa with Kari Taura
17.00-18.00 Social dancing

Don't forget to bring your indoor shoes to Matiné! Map & more info on Fresca Fusion Rueda & Salsa classes in here:
Every monday and wednesday is rueda class, in march only 5e!

Facebook-event here, see who is attending:


Also our classic SuperZumba class will be 17-18 @ Gloria in 19.3. saturday, more info coming soon!

Make Life a Dance™

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> Great perfromances and classes coming!!

Stadin suurin salsatunti!

Salsa goddess Johanna Haapanen is having open salsa class 21-22.
Open level, this is for fun!


Minna Korpimies

Respected icon in Finnish salsa, Minna Korpimies is performing special solo piece in our event. Minna is Finnish champion in 2009, european silver medalist in 2010 in Cuban salsa and solista in Los Elementos rumba group.



Etnica is winner of huge dance contest, Ourvision Dance Contest 2010. More than 100 groups and 3 eliminations, Etnica come through. This show is dynamite.


House of Queens (

The DHQ Eski-Ma lead group House of Queens have been making lot of noise this season. Group is inna house with fresh Streetdance & big Dancehall-styles.


Hanna-Maija & Antopio (La Nieve Fresca /

Duo will bring Salsa meets Streetdance piece performed in Helsingin kulttuuritalo and Modern arts museum Kiasma to the stage of Gloria.


Sunday salsa matiné @ Sörnäinen by Kari taura

Sunday 17-18 rueda & free salsa, 18-19 social dancing.
Don't forget to bring your indoor shoes to Matiné! Kari is one of the most experienced finnish salsa dancers and he will be hosting a free salsa hour that you can dance freestyle salsa with lots of people. You can have tips to improve your social salsa skills here, definately a fun hour!


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> The big weekend is coming! Danceclasses, parties, perfromances and sunday chillout matiné! All this and only 12e, bring it!
Lähetetty:Ke 16.03.2011 - 18:31 Vastaa lainaamalla viestiä Takaisin alkuun
> The big Fresca weekend is coming! We are happy to announce special guest! One of most successful salsa dancers in Finland, Mikko J. Kemppe from Helsinki Salsa Academy will be having salsa class together with Johanna from 21-22! Don't miss this!

Make Life a Dance™
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