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INFLUENCE/VAIKUTA on HKI crossbody-style salsa summer 2008

Lähetetty:Ti 22.04.2008 - 23:28 Vastaa lainaamalla viestiä Takaisin alkuun

> Dear salsa people,

Do you want to influence making Helsinki crossbody-style salsa scene fun this summer?
Please take the Helsinki crossbody-style salsa survey summer 2008.
It takes less than 5 min. We already have the volunteer-team together for summer and now we need to know about your schedule and salsa needs for the upcoming salsa summer. Your responses are appreciated!

Thanks Jukka for making to survey!

Come to Alppila Salsa Social at Alppila high school on Fridays at 6-9 p.m.
Street address: Viipurinkatu 21, Helsinki, Finland
Use Journey Planner for directions or just hop off the tram 3B/3T
at the Linnanmäki Amusement Park Stop
Alppila Discussion Forum:
Salsa Events Calendar:


Lähetetty:To 24.04.2008 - 13:15 Vastaa lainaamalla viestiä Takaisin alkuun
> 74 responses so far. I'm still waiting for more before drawing any conclusions . :)
Lähetetty:Ti 29.04.2008 - 00:06 Vastaa lainaamalla viestiä Takaisin alkuun
> Boyfriend says some very happy responses came in after the fun salsa SM-08 day. I will soon take some time to analize the data. See it's all so very scientific Razz

But as I'm still taking my time you have still have time to vocalize your opinions and influence the future of your sweet Helsinki's salsa future summer 2008. Laughing

Lähetetty:Ke 30.04.2008 - 14:44 Vastaa lainaamalla viestiä Takaisin alkuun
> 100 persons have responded to the survey. The people volunteerly organizing XBS salsa activities in Helsinki will make plans for the Alppila related summer activities in the next 2 weeks.

The summer social with relation to Alppila Salsa Social will be organized most likely on a new time slot - most likely not on Friday evenings. This will be decided and announced in the next 2 weeks. The new time slot will not overlap with Patricio's classes.

If you are an organizer of related or other events and want to coordinate the times of the events with us, please don't hesitate to contact me (henni_ahvenlampi(@) for me advance info. We are going to avoid overlapping salsa events in order to make Helsinki a more and more fun place to dance salsa.

Also the survey is still active, so you can still fill-it to give us your suggestions and feedback.

Lähetetty:Pe 02.05.2008 - 10:31 Vastaa lainaamalla viestiä Takaisin alkuun
> After all salsa social may be organized on Fridays during early evenings also in summer 2008, but confirmation will be announced when things have been decided on. Happy weekend to all!
Lähetetty:Su 04.05.2008 - 20:17 Vastaa lainaamalla viestiä Takaisin alkuun
> Dear all,

Let me share the feedback for a social with you as I have had such a fun time reading it. :)

Preferred days for a social
(During summer 2008 (mid May-September) I’d dance crossbody-style salsa in a social (similar to Alppila Salsa Social) on)
24 Monday
32 Tuesday
42 Wednesday
38 Thursday
48 Friday
25 Saturday
21 Sunday
- average number of visits to Alppila amongst respondees: 8.5
- excluding responses with 0 visits to Alppila

Suggestions and feedback for a Salsa Social organizers

Ihmeellistä ja hyvää duunia teette. Helsingissä on nykyään hyvää salsaa, ja kaikki vapaaehtoistyöllä ja hyvällä meiningillä aikaansaatu. Kiitos!!!

Hey, I think weekdays will suit me better than weekends during the summer. I would recommend wednesday or thursday as the salsa social date.

Would be nice if salsa events was arranged in a very nice locations like Cafe esplanade and different types of people would show up.

Thx for your lessons! I will unfortunately be abroad 5.5. - 30.8. I would suggest that you maybe step up your difficulty level a bit because now it seems quite easy.

I really like the time Friday evening 6-9 and I propose that you keep it that way at least during September - May.

Sunday!After Beach Party!AT Ratakivi Ravintola!Pasila!Julio Romero & Ritmo Latino,This is Salsa Party!Free open snackbar!!!!!! Entrance 5€/10€.Time 17 - 24. Or Monday.Same time(Salsa meets Jazz)All dance music!!!!!!

Hienoa että jaksatte järjestää. Olisi kiva tanssia välillä myös ruedaa sosiaalissa. Ja musiikkivalikoimaan myös timbaa ja enemmän kuubalaista 'kuubalaista' musiikkia. Joskus voisi treenata crossbodya vaikkapa Los van vanin tahtiin.

Suuret Kiitokset Upeasta Tapahtumasta! Erityisesti opetuksen tarjoaminen on arvokasta, että saadaan uusia harrastajia mukaan - varsinkin miehillä kynnys olisi muuten paljon korkeampi!

Could you please give more advice for ladies. For example how to be dancing with different men's leading styles.

Maybe some crossbody-style salsa lessons/events outside like in the Opera park or Töölönlahden Ulkoilukeskuksen lava, when the weather is nice. Small charge like 5-10 euros per person.

How about a new course for beginners? Starting over from zero? Alppila has been running for so long that the beginners' class probably isn't that beginner anymore. :)

Feedback: exellent idea, very good arranged and organaized. One of my best experience on social activity in Finland.

It's just so much fun :). I'll attend every time possible also in the summer! I hope you'll find a location not too far from the centre.

Thank you!

Thanks a lot it is a great event!! <img src=" border="0" />

Viikonloppu on hyvÄ kaukomatkalaisille kuten minÄ... Perjantai myÄs siinÄ mielessÄ ettÄ viikonlopuksi pois lÄhtevÄt voivat vielÄ ehtiÄ mukaan (kuten esim ____ _____ joka on harrastanut LAta Kanadassa). MitÄ kaipaisin Salsa socialissa (edistyneet) ehkÄ enemmÄn on aikaisempien kertojen kuvioiden kertaus mahdollisimman usein. Valitaan kaudelle vain 5-6 kuviota jotka opetellaan yksi kerrallaan ja "jo opittuja" kerrataan joka kerta (tai ainakin osaa joka kerta). Shinesit (askelkuviot) jÄttÄisin kokonaan pois ja kÄyttÄisin ajan kertaamiseen. Perustanssija ei shinesejÄ mielestÄni tarvitse (osallistujien tason huomioonottaen keskittyminen leading, following, perusasioihin ja rajattuun mÄÄrÄÄn kuvioita tuntuisi paljon tÄrkeÄmmÄltÄ).

Could we start to practice a choreography?? Maybe with a smaller group if Alppila is too big:)

You should also play Cuban son and timba in the salsa social. Otherwise the music is dull and boring ! You can dance easily crossbody-style to Cuban music.

any day is ok with me. music could be better in variety - ask others to bring their own or make suggestions... let's make the room as in a disco bar

No, I really don't know which days would suit me best. Anything is ok.

I'd like more music during the lessons, otherwise excellent :)

It would be better to have ASS on Tuesday or Wednesday since there are also other salsa events normally at weekends. Thus the events would be better distributed over the week. Because the dancing stops already at 9 pm this should be easily possible.

After 6 pm.

thank you for organizing such an event.

Thanks for all the effort teaching for free! Hieno Henni, ettÄ hommaat meininkiÄ kesÄksikin! One of the best weekly events in Helsinki for those who love salsa and want to learn more. My favourite place to dance and to meet people.
Moi! En osaa sanoa, mikÄ pÄivÄ sopisi parhaiten. Voi olla, ettÄ kesÄllÄ on hiljaisempaa, kun on muita aktiviteetteja. Eli hyvin voi pitÄÄ lomaakin ihan elo-syyskuulle asti. Tuhannet kiitokset vielÄ jÄrjestÄjille, olette tehneet hienoa tyÄtÄ, uhranneet aikaanne ja jaksaneet meitÄ <img src=" border="0" />

I was in Alppila beginners' group once. It was, at times, difficult to find a partner. Some girls refused to "rotate". Some had "fixed partners". This shouldn't be the idea, idea would be EVERYONE DANCES!? Strict policy! Those who want to have fixed partners, can go with their partners to dance elsewhere...?

Thank you so much for making the effort every Friday! Too bad that I usually have weekend plans that start on Friday already, so I haven't been able to make it there lately.

Not friday if there is dancig later in the evening at Pasila. Otherwise on fri after 5 pm and on sunday after 7pm. In the summer maybe only half an hour or at most an hour teachig (half of the time solo dancing and half with partner).

Olisi hienoa saada kesÄn aikana sÄÄnnÄllisesti tietoa salsabileistÄ HelsingissÄ. Vaikka opetusta ei olisikaan, voitaisiin jÄrjestÄÄ yhteisiÄ bileitÄ silloin tÄllÄin. Voisimme kÄyttÄÄ ja parantaa jo kertyneitÄ taitoja ja jatkaa syksyllÄ tunneilla uudella innolla?! PÄÄsisivÄt opetkin kesÄksi lomalle.

I refer to my survey I just sended. I change the suggestion as to the possible friday salsa social starting time in the summer...instead 5 pm. better would be 6 pm like it has been all winter long.

All days exept Thursday

Thanks for the arrangements!

Instructor's could use wireless microphone's (if someone could borrow those), because dancing ring is so large nowadays.


Thank you for the feedback. We will try to learn from it! :)

So as a summary: there would be at least a handful of salsa people in Helsinki for any day of the week if you organized a relax and fun event. The simple Alppila event has managed to make a day or two for many people during the last months. And there is still plenty of room to improve.

Anyone is welcome to use this info when organizing events similar. Very Happy

Also the survey is still active, so you can still fill-it to give us your suggestions and feedback on Alppila Salsa Social in order to make Helsinki a more fun place live:

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